Gaming Projector Guide

Gaming Projector Basics:

gaming projector setup

Don’t panic, there are only a few things you need to keep in mind to know what projector is right for you.

First, know that there are projectors designed for Showing Movies, Gaming and Giving Demonstrations. Since we are here for a gaming projector, we are aiming for a projector with a high resolution. We are looking for the most powerful machines that deliver the performance to keep up with the lag time of  your games, but also we don’t want to spend thousands of dollars.

We have selected some of the best projectors for gaming that we think qualify by having a lot of power to get a great gaming experience and at the same time are affordable.

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Weather you purchase a projector through us, or somewhere else, here are some things to consider when having gaming in mind:

Let’s Start With Contrast and Brightness.

Most projectors have their brightness stated in two ways, Lumens and foot lamberts. Unfortunately, the Lumen rating isn’t a very useful gauge of luminosity, since it does not take into consideration the viewing size or reduction. It is a good way to tell how bright the actual projector is, however this is a stat more suited for the best Home Theater projector  customers.

Next, lets talk about the resolution you need to display optimally. The best is 1080p, so-called “Total High Definition”, and will let you play Bluray and other large-definition content correctly. 720p and 1080p are equally 16:9 widescreen resolutions, whereas 1024×768 is 4:3, which is that square screen that you see on old TVs. Choosing the best projector screen usually has a lot to do with your output resolution. To get full usage of the display, make sure the resolution  matches that of your projector. Investing in a good Home Theater Projector Screen is definitely a good way to get more out of your 1080p projector.

Contrast is usually the best measure of a projector’s quality. A high-quality gaming projector is going to have the contrast ratio of 5,000:1 or more.

Check to see if the projector uses a “dynamic iris” to help sharpen its focus range. These perform by confining the light output in dark scenes, allowing the projector to generate “blacker blacks”. The other projector types will just have an “on/off” distinction, which is the difference between a completely black and full white screen. And it does make the experience better as most projectors are used far away with a motorized projector screen controlled by a remote. Those Contrast details start to matter.

Another great measure is ANSI contrast, which runs a check routine and measures the difference between the dark and light squares. Even though some claim this is not enough of a difference to be caught by the human eye, others say it is a great feature to have for gaming purposes to put less strain on your eyes due to rapidly changing blacks/whites.

Optoma HD28DSE 1080p 3D DLP Home Theater ProjectorViewSonic PJD7720HD Lightstream 1080p 3D DLP Home Theater ProjectorOptoma-GT760-720p-3D-DLP-Gaming-Projector-800x445BenQ-W1070-1080p-3D-DLP-Home-Theater-Projector-1-800x445

Lastly there is the “throw distance” of the projector. “Short Throw Projectors” are designed to be set closer to the screen and put out a huge picture, whereas “long throw” projectors are the reverse.

Another beneficial attribute on projectors is lens-shift. This is a great thing to have on a projector that you might be moving around a lot. Whenever you set up, there is usually some adjusting to focus correctly depending on how far away the projector is from the screen. Well, with lens-shift, it helps you do that faster and more effectively. Not the best feature for a hd gaming projector but.. its something to think about.

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Lets talk about Gaming on a Projector VS Gaming on a TV or Computer Screen

children playing games on a projectorNowadays gaming projectors have some handy features in comparison with the older-technology of rear-projection techniques or Large Display Plasma Screens. Price alone may be worth considering. A ‘Big Screen’, whether Plasma, LCD or Rear-Projection can easily cost thousands of dollars, the larger, the more expensive. Even at 6 or 7 thousand dollars you might be restricted to 70-inch diagonal width.

With projectors, you can have them several feet  away from the screen, out of sight and projecting a massive image.
The new/current generation of gaming projectors is streamlined and light. The current best projector for gaming technologies including DLP or LCD projectors which use smooth digital image chips which have brighter light output than CRT systems. Now there’s no need to see your picture completely in blackness. A lightly lit room will do just as fine.

It all comes down to immersive gameplay. Game makers know that visuals and graphics are very important in today’s high demanding gaming market.

Because of the rise in popularity of hd gaming projectors, newer games are being created with that in mind. So, it only makes sense to play the games the way they were meant to be played, on the big screen. It may take a couple of hours to adjust to the big screen, but once you get used to it, you will never want to go back to a regular TV or Computer monitor. Take some time to read about choosing the best home projector:

A full range of connectivity options are available.

Visualize your PC screen that big. Games are more engrossing, even your digital pictures running on a slideshow on a big screen like that will look amazing.

Today though we all have a home theater with speakers and a DVD player. There are also wireless alternatives, wireless game projectors and wireless speaker systems. A good choice if you want to keep all those cables out of sight.

Weather you just want a simple projector system, or go all out installing acoustically developed soundproofing theater rooms.. Make sure you get the right projector for the job.

Here are some videos that can really help when it comes to projector buying:


As with anything, there are Cons and Pros. Here are some of the Cons and Pros of Home Theater Projectors VS Video Game Projector.

Optoma-HD141X-1080p-3D-DLP-768x446Optoma GT1080 1080p 3D DLPEpson-Home-Cinema-1040BenQ-HT2050-1080p-3D-DLP-Home-Theater-Projector-2

Home theater Projector plus points

These projectors try to deliver the excitement of watching a movie at the cinema anytime, all at the convenience of your own home. To get those great graphics, these projectors need a high resolution i.e., 1920X1080 or sometimes more, allowing you to watch high-quality videos which put out higher quality compared to any HDTV. It possesses the advanced feature of wide-ranging color control and also has the ability to control the gamma calibration.
One common feature in most Home Theater Projectors are their very quiet fans.

To connect the viewer more to the visuals and detach them from outside noise,  keeping with the “Theater Experience”, the fan of these projectors is designed not to make any outside noise Their main use is basically meant for watching videos and movies in a dark atmosphere.

Gaming projector plus points

The biggest plus point for gaming on a projector should be obvious. The bigger the screen, the more immersive the game becomes. A projector allows you to get a much  bigger screen than any TV. Compared to Home Theater projectors, some things are better and some are a little worse. Where as Home Theaters are all about image quality, gaming projectors focus on contrast and low input lag.

Serious gamers know exactly what it feels like to keep on dying and have your shots miss because of lag. Due to the wiring and setup of projectors, they can be a few milliseconds slower compared to your PC, and that could be the difference between winning and losing a game, hitting or missing that headshot. A home theater projector will still run all your games, but a gaming projector will allow you to play them optimally. Think of the difference between a Gaming PC and a Business PC.

Get the machine that is best suited for your needs.

Home theater Projector drawbacks

As they are meant for watching videos in the dark atmosphere they adjust the level of black as well contrasting power at the cost of brightness. Thus it delivers high-quality levels of black and perfect contrast but the level of brightness is less compared to Gaming Projectors. They are physically very large in size, so most of them are a one time installation until its time to get a new one. On board audio is usually a very rare feature for Home Theater projectors.

Because of their vast size and extreme features, they can get very expensive.

Gaming projector drawbacks

These gaming projectors serve the purpose of playing and enjoying games on a big screen and therefore are meant for use in fairly-lit surroundings, although pitch black is how most gamers prefer to play.

Nevertheless, they are optimized for brightness, which leaves them with lower levels of blacks as compared to Home Theater projectors. Since gamers usually wear a headset or keep the volume turned up, there can be an audible fan sound during quiet moments, and no features to dampen the sound.

Watching movies on a Gaming Projector is of course not as impressive as compared to a Home Theater Projector, however the Gaming Benefits should outweigh any slight image quality drawback.

home theater gaming projector setupVs_logo gaming projector with computer screen


I hope You’ve been convinced. Now go and pick out the best projector for gaming and start experiencing games the way they were meant to be played.