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Gaming Projector Buying Guide

different projectorsFind out how these aspects of a projector correlate to a good gaming experience. Here we talk about Input Lag, Contrast Ratio and refresh rate and how these things affect your gaming experience. Remember, you need to get the right projector for the right type of application. Not all projectors are created equally..


 4K Projectors for Gaming

4k projector for gaming

Explore the Pro’s and Con’s of gaming on a 4K Projector. Price may  be an issue, but the amazing gaming experience may be worth it in the long run. Here we explore the finder details of 4K Projectors, especially when it comes to using them for gaming purposes. If you’ve been hesitant to get one, this post might help you make up your mind.






How to choose the best screen for your Gaming Projector
big and small projector screen sizes

Not all projector screens are designed for all projectors. Find out why its not always better to go bigger. We cover exactly what you need to know to match the perfect projector screen to the right projector for the best viewing experience.






Optoma HD28DSE DLP VS Competitors

Optoma HD28DSE DLP VS Competitors

In this post we talk about the differences between the Optoma HD28DSE DLP Gaming projector VS other similar projectors in its class. We believe for gaming purposes, this is a great projector for the money if you are looking for a pure gaming machine, and do not care about extra features related to movies and presentations. Read on and decide for yourself.