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Things You Didn’t Know About Short Throw Projectors

The time of big bulky, and less functional projectors is over. Today, you’ll find state of the art, lightweight and highly functional projectors that you can use for a variety of purposes. Some people use them to project from far away, but there are also situations when you want your projector right up against the screen. Now, we have that capability with short throw projectors. Visit your nearest school, and you’ll see teachers using them in small rooms. Similarly, many businesses also lack the space to be able to hang a projector from that far away. To overcome this, vendors designed short throw projectors. These new projectors can display quality images even if the projector sits close to the display screen without compromising image quality. Here is more on why short throw projectors are fast becoming popular:

What Is Throw?

shor throw 2Where a conventional projector delivers the best quality picture from 240cm or above, the short throw projector will require 92cm or less for the same image. But, the ultra-short throw projector will do that even when placed at just 52cm or less. In technical terms, when you talk about throw, you are referring to the actual capabilities of your projector. The Throw comes into play when you start playing an image. This means that the distance between your projector and the display device will decide how clear and sharp the image is. Often, your old projectors struggle to show the image you want if placed more than six feet away. However, modern projectors are designed to project the desired image even when you’ve set your projector close to the display screen.

The distance between your screen and the projector is decided by the lens your projector uses. The more powerful the lens, the stronger its throw. It is the lens that determines the fate of your projected image. More great lenses are used to get the desired image even at shorter distances. In fact, we now have projectors that are powerful enough to generate ultra-short throw, which means that your projector will create the desired image even if placed next to the screen. Keep in mind that the angle of the projector will still matter. These projectors are powerful enough to project 100-degree images even when close to the screen. You’ll get a theater like  image from your ultra-short throw projector regardless of its distance from the display anyway.

Powerful Throw Ratio

A closer look at how a projector function shows us that it’s nothing but a projection device that plays and throws the image on the screen. Ideally, the farther and bigger the screen, the better the projected image or video. But, with modern projectors coming out with new crazy functions, short throw projection is one of the novel features. Ideally, you would want to place your regular projector at a distance from the screen to display crisp and clear images. With a short throw projector, this is not the case. You can place it close to the display screen, and it will still project quality images without reducing pixels of compromising quality. The best part is that if its close to the screen, someone can walk by and not get that bright light in their eyes, or ruin the movie or game with their giant shadow. The projector will be too close for them to do that. 

How does It work?

how does a short throw projector workYour short throw projector operates on a slightly different principle compared to other projectors. It has a powerful throw and can project quality images even at short distances. Typically, your short throw projector will take into account its distance from the screen, divided by the image width you want to project. Commonly, short throw projectors have a diameter of around 0.38 and 0.75. Essentially, this means that if you want to project an image at 70 inch diagonal, your projector must be placed at around 68cm to 1.38 meters. But, the latest ultra-short throw projectors are offer more enhanced ratios. These projectors require less than .038 or less. This means that you can place your projector at this distance and still get a big enough picture without compromising its quality. Rear projection allows you to project from behind the screen. Imagine turning your glass desk into a giant movie screen with one of these ultra short throw projectors sitting out of sight under the desk. 

ways of mounting short throw projectors

Choose a short throw projector and see the difference today. 

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