Motorized Projector Screen HD Homegear 110″ 16:9 W/ Remote Control $99.99

16:9 motorized projector screen 110

Now this is where things get interesting for the home projectors. The Homegear 110” with dimensions of 96” x 54” and being a motorized projector screen makes it one of the best HD projector screens in this business. Although we can’t do much about the aspect ratio as it is fixed at 16:9 and the screen size means that it is pretty much prioritized for the home theater experience. The video quality is good and the screen is black masked 1 inch from 3 dimensions and eliminates all major light penetrations. The high contrast 1.3 allows the projections to be well-defined and the screen is completely waterproof and washable which is a big achievement considering it is motorized and it may have a battery source. The company didn’t envisage a tripod with this huge projection screen and for good reason. It would be a nightmare to erect, install and manage such a big screen and we have seen countless instances of the screen bending/having curved edges due to tripod operations.

motorized projector screen with remoteThe HomeGear 110” is no doubt targeted for the permanent HD projector screen niche as it would be quite difficult to move it from one place to another. So, if you are looking for a quick fix on the go, the Homegear 110” might not be the ideal screen for you. The added weight doesn’t help either and it is one of the heaviest screens around weighing 20 lbs. But, the installation is extremely simple and straightforward and can be achieved in a matter of minutes. The motor system is quiet, efficient and relatively long-lasting so you won’t have to worry about that every now and then. The company did some good homework on the delivery mechanism of the product and the resulting cushioning effect from the packaging foam made it possible for them to ensure defect-free screens to their customers. It is compatible with all kinds of projectors including older ones and the remote control works from as far as 25 meters from the screen. So, it is meant for a big screen experience for sure! The viewing angle is a standard 160 degrees for this screen.

With bad reviews as low as 5% of the total 755 customer feedback from clients on Amazon, this motorized projector screen sells big and an overwhelming majority is satisfied with its performance. The only consistent negative concerns were that the screen didn’t come with mounting hooks in some instances and the finish was below par. But still even those customers admitted that it was good value-for-money.

Here is a rundown of its features.



  • Remote control motorized operation
  • 96×54 inches dimensions with 110” diagonal
  • 16:9 resolution
  • 1.3 gain on the screen
  • 160 degree viewing angle.
  • Fire retardant feature
  • Durable packing ensures safe logistics


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Homegear 110

Homegear 110







        Viewing Area





            • Remote Control
            • Quiet motor
            • Easy to install
            • Light weight
            • Great image quality


            • Too big
            • Faint horizontal folding lines