Gotobuy 100″ Projector 16:9 Projection Screen Manual Pull-down (With Tripod) $63.99

If you are looking for a nice, reliable and budget projection screen that can be used on the go, the Gotobuy 100 is a good place to start. Costing a competitive $43.99 without a tripod and $64.99 with the three legged support, the Gotobuy 100 is the best screening companion for a lower and medium range projector. Its 87” x 49” dimensions and 16:9 aspect ratio means that it can handle a little bit of widescreen HD experience and a little bit more suited for your average mobile gaming and home theatre experience rather than other uses like academics or corporate. The official product description favors a classroom application as well and I see the point there but we need a more robust product in the classroom that is longer lasting that the Gotobuy. For a mobile classroom experience? Yes that would be a good idea!

It’s easily foldable and adjustable with its pull-down lock technology and can be installed on a ceiling or a wall as well for varied applications. It folds up into a light little iron-white case that ensure smooth transportation. The screen material is a little lightweight and fragile as compared to other screens out there and if you adjust the screen size too often, it might give up and start developing problems. But, considering the price range, I don’t think you can expect a long-lasting robust screen anyway and the picture quality and performance in a static setting should matter more. It comes with a standard four-sided black masking of borders means that a decent picture quality can be expected on the screen.

When it comes to customer reviews, the screen has garnered 4.5/5 stars on Amazon with most of the customers praising its value for money and ticking all the basic boxes right for a good product that fulfills the basic purpose of a projection screen and does it professionally. Some were not thrilled by its build quality but let’s be clear here, it is not suitable for rough handling at all. So if you buy this, know what you are getting; A budget screen with good quality projection results that should be handled smartly and efficiently.



  • 100” on the diagonal.
  • 87” x 49” dimensions
  • Aspect ratio is primarily 16:9
  • Viewing angle 160 degrees
  • Four-sided black masking
  • Pull-down auto-lock technology





Gotobuy Projector Screen

Gotobuy Projector Screen







        Viewing Area





            • Big size
            • Easy to set up
            • Easy to fold and prop up
            • Light screen material
            • Great value for the money


            • Gets a bit wobbly