Why You Need to Get a 4k Projector

different 4k projectors4K has been the talk of the town for quite some time now in the tech world, and with all new technological developments and upgrades, 2017 looks to be the year of 4k projection.

So let’s break it all down by first defining what 4k really means. It basically refers to the resolution count that is four times as powerful as the conventional HD resolution of 1920 x 1080p that we all are well aware and accustomed to. The Digital Cinematic Industry version of 4K is defined as being 4096 x 2160 at a 1.9:1 aspect ratio.

This 4k technology is being increasingly used in upcoming TVs, Cameras and Projectors. In this article we are just going to focus on projectors, giving you a detailed review of 4k projectors to help you decide whether you should invest in it or not.

So what is a 4k projector anyways?

As the name suggests, 4k projectors are home entertainment digital cinema systems that offers you the ability to transform any video or photo content on any vertical space in your home or your office. The main difference between a 4k and a conventional projector is that the former provides a much sharper 4096 x 2160 pixels resolution along with various other beefed up video rendering features that no normal projector is able to provide.

The point to take from this is basically that 4k projectors enable the users to project any content be it video games or movies on the walls of your home at any number of flexible projection sizes. That means that the projection size can range from a 55 inches in diagonal width to a giant 300 inches home screen that feels almost like a mini home theater. To all the game enthusiasts, a 4k projector is like a dream come true –  providing a super high quality HD gaming experience, almost like you are in the game, shooting your friends for real.

Let’s look at some realistic Pro’s (and a few Con’s) of a 4k Projector

Size: A 12 foot wide screen showing movies in a 2.35:1 ratio, it won’t be wrong to say that the actors look larger than life. And once you are playing on this beast, your gaming experience is enhanced tenfold. Imagine observing each dust and speck as clear as it can get on a 100 inch screen, each strand of hair and movement of the eyeballs (without losing game performance quality) with full surround sound. Won’t it be worth it? Yes, a hundred times yes!

Effect on Eyes: There is a big myth saying that HD output damages your eyesight and leads to headaches due to the excessive amount of colors and sharpness. In reality it is hardly true. In fact it is the total opposite. Filling a larger percentage of your visual field with relatively less overall brightness is actually quite relaxing to watch as compared to a  regular modern HDTV. It is very similar watching a movie in a cinema which often produces no more than 5 foot lamberts.

4k vs 1080p

Price: These things aren’t cheap. Being a relatively new technology, these projectors can be anywhere from around $3,000 for this Epson Home Cinema 5040UB to a whopping $28,000 for this amazing Sony VPL-VW1100ES Native 4K . Not everyone has the money for one of those, however you can still find some good deals just browsing amazon.

Mobility: One of the greatest things about the 4k projector is the ease with which you can move it anywhere you want. ANYWHERE! Being lightweight gives it an edge that a substitute 4k TV does not have. You can place the projector in your bedroom if you plan to watch a movie or take it in the living room when you have friends over for the big game. It is like HD on the go!

Lights: Like for any other projector, the 4k projector also faces the drawback of background light which may wash out the image slightly. It doesn’t matter how HD quality the image is, having background light streaking in your room will cause you to lose some of that 4k experience. The ideal situation would be complete darkness, otherwise the quality may seem more like a regular gaming projector.

Lamps: The 4k projector like other lamps creates light with UHP lamps which need replacing after every thousand hours or so. Consider it just an added cost to your 4k projector which you have to bear after a thousand hours. (Although while testing out the new Epson Home Cinema 5040UB  the Image didn’t really degrade all that much after about 1000 hours of gaming use). Though LED lamps have started to replace this, it will still take a while before it is fully incorporate into the 4k technology.

Audio: I hate to say this, but even a 4k projector does not fully replace all the functions of the TV hence you need to buy a separate speaker sets and a receiver if you already don’t own them. Sorry for the added cost, although nothing compared to the price of a projector itself, you can pick up something like this Sanwo Wireless Bluetooth Soudbar for only $35.

Screen: Though you are completely fine using a blank wall for the screen, I personally insist that you invest in a good projector screen to complete the experience. Why? Well it is a whole lot better to not bring the texture of the wall between you and your viewing experience which will not be that great if the wall is not evenly perpendicular to your viewing angle. Since what you observe from the projector is the light that gets reflected back off from the wall, images will not quite look right. The bumpier the wall is the less smooth your image or video will appear on it. You wouldn’t want that now, would you? I recommend the Excelvan Outdoor Portable Movie Screen which just looks like a big flat panel TV as it perfectly rejects any ambient light when the projector is on.

battlefield hardline 4k projector

Bottom Line:

Though I am huge fan of 4k projectors and would religiously tell everyone to go for it, I have to admit that is might not be suitable for everyone.

The truly massive screen and an amazing immersive experience will surely go a long way even though there will be some practical consideration to make. Overall the Pro’s definitely outdo the Con’s and if you are looking for a out of the world gaming experience, then a 4k projector is worth the investment.

Our Reccomendation:

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